What We Do


Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Offering rigorous, liberal arts and sciences-based courses for students across the country

Public Programming

Public Programming

Accessible, open-access events to engage the wider public in thoughtful discourse

Advocating for Education

Advocating for Education

Leading the push towards better higher education systems and practices in Myanmar

Parami Institute was founded on the belief that a liberal education is one of the most impactful and effective models for both personal growth and societal development. As such, we provide a broad-based education in multiple disciplines to nurture and empower Myanmar’s young people with engaged critical thinking and analysis skills they need to be effective leaders and citizens.

To this end, Parami Institute organizes a variety of educational programs, events, and advocacy initiatives that engage both students and the general public in the push to making high-quality higher education opportunities more readily available to Myanmar’s young people.

Bringing the Liberal Arts to Myanmar

At the core of our work is the Parami Leadership Program (PLP). This intensive year-long program selects outstanding students from across the country’s socioeconomic and cultural spectrum to study under our experienced faculty and develop the skills they need to be engaged, globally-minded citizens. Discussion-based, seminar-style classes in a broad range of subjects encourage thoughtful analysis and expression in our students long after they leave our classroom.

In addition to PLP, we offer a variety of intensive evening courses each year, geared towards broadening access to liberal-arts style learning and developing critical thinking skills for both professionals and students.

Broadening Access to Meaningful Conversations

Through accessible, free public programming in both Burmese and English, we open the conversation up to the larger community.

In this way, Parami serves as a central, intellectual hub within Yangon, bringing diverse voices and perspectives to our campus through the Parami Talk Series as well as a wide range of partnerships and co-hosted events.

Advocating for Better Educational Practices

Over the last two years, Parami Institute has made a name for itself as a leader in education in Myanmar. Beyond offering meaningful educational opportunities, we’ve also turned our focus towards promoting and encouraging broader education reform in Myanmar.

The main feature of this work is our bi-annual Parami Conference & Workshop, an event that brings together policymakers, educators, and school administrators to learn and develop best practices alongside experts and specialists.

We’re also partnering with other non-profit higher education programs in Myanmar to improve higher education in Myanmar at every level.