Since our founding, Parami Institute’s ultimate aim has been to establish Myanmar’s first private, not-for-profit residential liberal arts and sciences university. Parami University will be an international hub of intellectual activity, delivering a world-class education to Myanmar’s next generation, right at home.

We have partnered with Bard College, an internationally-recognized liberal arts college in the United States, to develop a program that will award graduates two fully-accredited bachelor’s degrees – one from Parami University (to be registered in accordance with upcoming Private School Law), and one from Bard College. Founded on all of the same beliefs as Parami Institute, the University will set a new precedent for higher education models across the country, ensuring a wider reach, greater impact, and even more meaningful change for Myanmar’s future.

About Bard College

Founded in 1860, Bard College is one of America’s most respected liberal arts colleges. At its main campus in Annandale, New York, Bard has established itself as an authority in innovative and impactful liberal arts teaching. What’s more, Bard is known for its global presence and commitment to bringing high-quality college education to some of the world’s most underserved student populations.

Bard’s large international network includes campuses in East Jerusalem, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Hungary, and Germany. Parami University would be Bard’s first campus in Myanmar.

Planning Stages

We have already begun the development of Parami University, focusing mainly on local and international fundraising. The Myanmar government is set to release a new Private School Law in the near future, the provisions of which will allow for an institution like Parami University to become a reality.

We are working diligently to secure funding and support for Parami University, while also taking active measures to guide the Private School Law through engaged advocacy work.

Fromt Left to Right:


The Curriculum

Teaching interdisciplinary majors is more important than ever in the modern global economy. As such, first and second year students will follow a common curriculum designed in partnership with Bard College that provides a broad education in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and arts. In their third year, students will declare their major, as well as have the option to study abroad. In their final year at Parami University, students will work on a year-long thesis project and complete their studies before graduating with the dual degrees. In the initial years of operations, students will be able to choose from three core majors: Urban & Environmental Studies, Computational & Statistical Sciences, or Politics, Philosophy & Economics.

Faculty Recruitment

Parami University will recruit full-time faculty members with PhDs from international universities using the academic network developed through existing partnerships with Bard College and Centre College. We will add full-time faculty as the student body grows in order to maintain a 13-to-1 student-faculty ratio, ensuring personalized, engaging, and high-quality teaching across disciplines.

Student Body

Parami University’s campus will be a dynamic environment that reflects the economic and ethnic diversity of Myanmar. As part of its commitment to creating change agents from all walks of life, the University will offer generous need-based scholarships and commit to maintaining a study body of nearly 50% ethnic minority students. At full enrollment, we expect to have around 600 students across four grades.