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Parami Talk Series is a monthly public event series
hosted by the institute that brings together students and
the wider community. Participants meet influential speakers
from Myanmar and across the globe to discuss
pressing contemporary issues.

These events are provided free of charge.

Please call (+959) 793 030 555 to reserve tickets.

While tickets are free of charge, we request a donation,
which will go towards the Parami Institute Sustainability Funds.


September, 2019

Surge of Identity Politics in Myanmar

Min Zin

August, 2019

US Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump

Walter Russell Mead

July, 2019

Climate Crisis and the Future of Myanmar

Dr. Myint Zaw

June, 2019

Service as the Foundation for Leadership

Daw Haymar Maung

June, 2019

Catalyzing Social Impact: Private Sector Development and Inclusive Business in Myanmar

Dr. Peter Brimble

April, 2019

Simple Pleasures of Think-Tanking

Dr. Min Ye Paing Hein

March, 2019

Reforms and Challenges in the Country in Transition

U Aung Naing Oo

January, 2019

Hopes as a Member of the Parliament

Daw Pyone Kathy Naing

December, 2018

Myanmar and the Question of National Unity

Bertil Lintner

November, 2018

Challenges for Social Research in Myanmar

Francesco Obino and Yaw BawmMangshang

September, 2018

The Promise of Decentralization

Saw Kapi, Dr. Matthew Arnold, and Dr. Pon Nya Mon

August, 2018

Digital Services for Social and Economic Development of Myanmar

Nyein Chan Soe Win, Myo Myint Kyaw, and Dr. Yazar Minn Htoo

July, 2018

Accreditation as a Safeguard Against Diploma Mills

Dr. Alexandra Gribovskaya

June, 2018

Australia and Myanmar: Past, Present, and Future

His Excellency Nicholas Coppel

May, 2018

Journey of Altruism

U Kyaw Thu

April, 2018

Still Fiery: Banks, Money, and Mobiles in Myanmar

Anoop Singh

April, 2018

The Dynamic Media Landscape of Myanmar

Maria Abril

February, 2018

Indian Foreign Policy and India-Myanmar Relations

His Excellency Vikram Misri

January, 2018

Sweet Sentiment

Saya Nyi Pu Lay

November, 2017

Building an Inclusive Financial System

Hal Bosher

October, 2017

Real Estate and Macroeconomy

U Bo Bo Nge

September, 2017

Corruption and Business in Myanmar – What Needs to Change?

Vicky Bowman

August, 2017

Lessons from Asia Crisis and Asia Today

Anoop Singh

July, 2017

Finding Your Place in a Developing Myanmar

U Han Myo Oo

July, 2017

Sustainable Development Guided by Preservation

Daw Moe Moe Lwin

May, 2017

Entrepreneurship Journey

Daw Win Win Tint

April, 2017

Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World

Scot Marciel

March, 2017

The Value of Education and Development in Myanmar

Chris Carter

March, 2017

The Role of Literary Study in a Modern Liberal Education

Dr. Howard R. Wolf

January, 2017

Making Unprecedented Decision

Daw Thet Thet Khine