Parami Conference

Through new initiatives like the Parami Conference, Parami Institute has positioned itself at the forefront of the national conversation on higher education reform and capacity-building.

Launched in 2018, the Parami Conferences and Workshops are biannual events meant to guide system-wide policy change in Myanmar’s education sector at large. At each event, Parami invites specialists in educational policies and systems from across the world to hold sessions and workshops for policymakers, university rectors, educators, and administrators.

Workshops to Date

Ongoing Advocacy Work

Following the success of both Parami workshops, Parami Institute has found itself at the forefront of a nation-wide push for better practices and policies in higher education. With a new Higher Education Law slated to pass in 2019, it is crucial that institutions like Parami help guide conversations towards better structures in higher education. In addition to continuing to host regular conferences and workshops, Parami is taking measures to continue and broaden its advocacy work across the country.

We’re thrilled to announce that, in November, we were selected as a host institution for a Fulbright Specialist through the U.S. Embassy Rangoon. Dr. Vladimir Briller, an experienced college administrator with background university strategic planning, accreditation, assessment, and higher education and policy administration, will be joining us in early 2019 to lead workshops for university rectors across the country, meet with policymakers in Nay Pyi Taw, and inform Parami’s long-term advocacy strategy.

Dr. Alexandra Gribovskaya

It is hard to believe that it is so young and has already accomplished so much. We had such a good turnout and it looks like people are really excited about all the changes that are happening right now in Myanmar. There is a lot of work to do in higher education but I am glad that so many people are thinking about this and trying to make things better… Parami Institute is trying to bring more expertise to Myanmar, and it is already doing so much work in educating both the old and new generations.

Dr. Alexandra Gribovskaya

Director of Accreditation and Assessment at Teachers College (Columbia University), Parami Workshop Leader