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Alumna Working towards Good Governance through Technology

Early this year in 2020, Thaung Ahlay Mee carried out a short-term project on the Literacy Promotion, which focused on teaching English to young children in Mawlamyine, Mon State. The project was a part of the World Literacy Foundation 2020 Forum where she serves as Myanmar Representative Ambassador, with the other 2000 young participants worldwide. 

“Being born and raised in a country site [remote area], I  believe that higher education can help young people to access more opportunities for their future,” she reflected on her experience. “When we promote literacy, we promote higher education. And we promote higher education, we promote employment and reduce poverty.” 

Nowadays, some young people become the key change agent in their communities. With a comprehensive knowledge about the current issue, these young people can solve the problem effectively by using their analytical skills and creative thinking skills. 

Apart from being passionate about promoting higher education, she believes that promoting the active youth participation leadership position and political process can strengthen communities, societies, and representation in government.

Aiming to unlock her potential and shape her leadership role, Thaung Ahlay Mee has participated and joined different programs including, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative-YSEALI Academic Fellowship,  Parami Leadership Program-PLP, YSEALI Good Governance, and Civil Society Workshop, and the World Literacy Foundation 2020 Forum. 

“Youth participation in different development sectors such as education, sustainable development, the political process, and the economy is important. To solve all the problems we are now facing in the country as well as in ASEAN countries, we need initiative and innovative solutions and approaches from young people.”—Thaung Ahlay Mee.  

Her Employment Success

Thaung Ahlay Mee is from Myitkyina, Kachin State, and is a Parami Leadership Program (PLP) alumna from Cohort 5. After finishing the PLP program in 2019, she obtained her full-time job at a Yangon-based Social Enterprise Koe Koe Tech. Koe Koe Tech company has cooperated with Asia Foundation to develop software applications called Myankhon, which helps municipal staff to digitize tax records and generate tax bills. “I started working as a Grant worker in the first six months. I found it a bit challenging since I was new to the IT field. [You] take risks, face challenges, but you will learn a lot,” said Thaung Ahlay Mee, who is now a Program Coordinator at Koe Koe Tech.

With her ambition in expanding her knowledge related to the IT industry, she joined the YSEALI Good Governance and Civil Society Workshop. “I am excited to learn more about open data and inclusive governance, citizen-centered approaches to increasing good governance and anti-corruption and increasing the transparency of government actions to participating in policy decisions. So that young people link conceptual knowledge with cutting-edge practical experience and influence the social, economic, cultural, and political forces that affect the well-being of people living in the community,” she said.

Thaung Ahlay Mee has passions for youth empowerment, higher education, sustainable community development, and building cultural bridges across the countries. She looks forward to continuing her studies related to educational equity, access for underserved, marginalized populations, a humanistic approach toward people, and the development of the community.

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