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Parami Unveils the Masterplan for University Campus

Parami Unveils a Masterplan for University Campus 

We have successfully developed the latest version of a masterplan for the Parami University Campus, which will be established in Hmawbi Township, situated in the northwest of Yangon Region, Myanmar.

The masterplan puts in place a 20 acres that includes Kanbawza Hall, Ayer Shwe Wah Community Lounge, U Tun Linn Square, and B.K. Kee Dining Hall, as well as housings for students, faculty members, and staff.

Sustainability has become imperative practices that every organization and institution needs to embrace. As Parami University aims to create a green and sustainable environment on the campus, our architectural team designed the overall campus’s masterplan in response to the needs of the university and the cultivation of  a healthy lifestyle in the university community.

In August 2020, Yangon-based AMTT Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd conducted a Geotechnical Soil Test for Parami University in order to have a better understanding of the site and surroundings, which will ensure safe developments of the campus.

LIN INNOVATIVE NETWORKS and ZAD Office, two Yangon-based architecture firms, have been working on different stages of architectural and interior designs, including schematic design, design development and including the masterplan. Additionally, an international engineering consultant, Meinhardt Group will begin the construction process in January of 2021. 

When Parami University is open in 2022, Myanmar’s first private non-profit liberal arts university, the campus will be home to hundreds of students from different walks of life across Myanmar, and this bustling campus will become an ethnically and culturally diverse campus.

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