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Parami University Welcomes '21 Friends for 2021'

After two weeks since the initiation of our ‘21 Friends for 2021’ matching donation initiative, we are pleased to welcome nine new Friends who donated $5,000 for Parami University campus development. Combined with the matching donation of the same amount, we have raised $90,000 which marks 42 percent of our fundraising goal in this campaign. 

With two more months to go, Parami would love to welcome more contributors to join the cause. By joining the ‘21 Friends for 2021’ initiative, you will help to contribute to the founding of Parami University to nurture young leaders from all over Myanmar who can lead critically and serve with dedication to move our nation forward.

What is ‘21 Friends for 2021’ Campaign? 

For every $5,000 donation you make between December 2020 and February 2021, a generous donor will match another $5,000 to double your donation so that it becomes $10,000. We are seeking support from 21 new donors in this program, who will be honored as 'Friends' of Parami University. This is a great way to support the future young leaders of Myanmar and get involved in campus development of Myanmar's first private non-profit liberal arts university.

Click here to become friends of Parami University or contact for more details. Learn more about giving to Parami here: Giving to Parami 

About Parami University 

Parami University started as a pilot institute, known as Parami Institute, in early 2017 to provide Myanmar’s youth with the skills they need to become competent leaders and responsible citizens through a global-minded liberal arts and sciences education. Opening in 2022, Parami University, the first not-for-profit liberal arts and science university in Myanmar, will offer a four-year liberal arts degree program to local and international students.

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