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Parami Faculty Published in Geopolitics and Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

We would like to congratulate Dr. Frances O’Morchoe, faculty in Humanities at Parami Leadership Program, for publishing two research articles in prestigious journals, Geopolitics and Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. 

As a historian who studies nineteenth and twentieth-century Myanmar, she focuses on border-making between Myanmar, China, and Thailand. Her two research articles respectively shed light on how the resources and ethnic minorities living in border regions are affected by the regional conflicts during colonial and post-colonial times.

Her first research paper “Narrating Loss and Differentiation: Lahu Origin Stories on the Margins of Burma, China, and Siam” is about the Lahu people whose stories tell how they came from China and came to settle in the highlands of Myanmar, China, and Thailand borders. Through oral history, Lahu people pass down their origins and express their identities. This paper touches on diversity in location, language, religions and ethnic identifications among Lahu people. 

Dr. Frances expressed that her inspiration on the first research was her excitement at being able to compare the story of Lahu people written over 130 years ago, 50 years ago and the story which was told to her today. 

In her paper “Teak & Lead: Making Borders, Resources, and Territory in Colonial Burma,” which was published in Geopolitics, she discusses how the importance of natural resources availability played a role in state-making and the politics of the border regions in the late nineteenth century. 

Dr. Frances is currently a faculty in Humanities at Parami Institute of Continuing Education and teaches interdisciplinary courses on global history, frontiers, and modern Southeast Asia. We would like to also take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards her support and contributions to Parami. 

Dr. Frances O'Morchoe obtained her Ph.D. degree from the University of Oxford and also holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and the University of Edinburgh. 

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