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First Issue of Parami Journal of Education Published!

Seeking to make valuable educational information readily accessible to the public in the form of both general and scholarly articles, the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) of Parami University has recently published the first issue of the Parami Journal of Education. 

The journal covers three main sections, which are News, General Articles, and Research Articles. The news section provides educational developments from Myanmar and around the world. The general articles section contains personal stories, articles on cross-cutting issues such as ethnic language and disability, a perspective article, articles focusing on different aspects of education in Myanmar, and in the world. The research articles in this issue examine environmental education, and ethnic language education, also a field-work section that reports data from primary research, which in this case is on the topic of education for people with disabilities. 

“There are many different topics and issues in our first issue, catering for a diverse public interest, for the general reader and academic alike. With lots to read, think about, and discuss, we hope that people enjoy the journal,”  Dr. Mark Brown, Managing Editor of Parami Journal of Education (PJE).

This journal seeks to be as inclusive as possible with regards to authorship as well as readership. Also, it aims to attract interests from all stakeholders and will educate and inform stakeholders from different levels in Myanmar and the region.

“I am truly happy that many people were interested in submitting their articles to PJE. I expect that the first issue of PJE sets a standard for peer-reviewed publishing on education in Myanmar,” said Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun, the Editor-in-Chief of Parami Journal of Education (PJE). “I would like to see contributors from other countries more and more in our journal. While our journal has roots in Myanmar, I hope that the journal will be seen as a journal of choice among education researchers from other countries,” he added.

This first issue of PJE is the result of the participation from wide authorship. Ms. Aeint Myat Chel, author of On Coming Home: To my 22-year-old Self, shared that she is honored to be a part of the first issue of PJE and is thankful for the chance to share her perspective.

Academic journals like PJE would fill a big gap in providing the higher education arena with different ideas and well-researched narratives. "I believe PJE, alongside Parami University, will play a critical part in disseminating different views and colorful perspectives that are essential in providing unbiased quality education in Myanmar,” said Ms. Aeint Myat Chel, an alumna of Colgate University and Director at MG&J Jewelry.

She also highlighted that the inspiration for her article is to reflect on personal responsibility and the capacity to make Myanmar a better place. The way we see the world and our society naturally evolves, and the perspective story is her attempt to allow that to unfold.

Additionally, it’s a real pleasure to be able to acknowledge the resolute support of each member of the CEPR team for their dedication and professionalism in making the journal a reality. “I feel quite proud that we can provide a space for authors to present their work. The range of ideas through general and research articles makes it a delight to read. The candour and insights of each author give me pause to think and appreciate the diverse views and experiences of education in Myanmar,” said Dr. Mark Brown, Managing Editor of PJE.

Parami University’s Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) team is developing a good research culture on higher education, and peer-reviewed scholarly activities are at the heart of nurturing a good research culture. To deepen the research culture in Myanmar and across the region, we are calling for more people to participate and submit your articles for the second issue of the Parami Journal of Education (PJE) which will be published in April 2021. 

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