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Balancing Study-Work Life: Easy & Practical Tips from PLP Students

Having a side job while dedicating your most of your time to study can be challenging. However, a good level of planning prioritisation can help maintain a healthy balance between study, work, and personal life.

Some PLP students from 7th Cohort are balancing a full-time job, a side gig, and a volunteering job in different fields of profession while studying at Parami Leadership Program. Due to the rigorous curriculum, having a part-time or full-time job while attending the program is not recommended for most students. However, we have some students who are striving their best in what they do. Our students revealed some of their best tips and practices on how they manage their study and work balance while making sure that they have given enough time for themselves and families. 

Working and studying at the same time allow the PLP students to have a beneficial opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in real life. They have shared, in this article, how they applied the skills and knowledge gained from the PLP in work.

Su Hlaing Aye, 31

Su Hlaing Aye is a lawyer and is a Partner in KST Legal. She has been working in the legal field for almost ten years. Apart from devoting her time to her profession, she also has an excellent balance dividing her time for different matters. According to Su Hlaing Aye, she set separate time management for work, study, and personal life. Since joining PLP, she places her class assignments and class as the top priority.

She shared that "to manage my time more effectively, I use the Pomodoro time management tool for study and work, where I can separate the urgent and not urgent matters and work on the list based on priority. Besides, I also use different tools, including google calendar, OneNote time table App. To arrange the workload at work, I separate three tasks: the task I can delegate to the Associate and overview the work product, the job I assign the responsibility to another partner, and the assignment I have to do myself. By doing this, I can generate more available time without impacting much on the work,"

She has developed critical thinking and learned more about community, teamwork, debate, video presentation, project management from PLP. "Most of the knowledge and skills I learned from identity and ethics class are useful, and I can apply them in my profession as a lawyer and daily life the same as the logic class," she added.

Thaw Thaw, 20

Nyein Suu Thaw (Thaw Thaw) is a tutor at Study with Thaw Thaw Facebook page, which she created in October 2020 while studying at PLP. As being passionate about teaching and learning, she spends approximately three hours teaching, sharing English grammar, and contributing her time for a free speaking practice section every day after finishing her class at PLP.

“My life motto is, your limit is you. I do what I love. Teaching is my hobby. We all have 24 hours equally, but it is important how we can spend our time wisely. I like to learn something new all the time. If I have just one hour, I would work on lesson plans for my English class or spend time with my family. I prepare a to-do list on a daily and weekly basis in my notebook. Particularly, no need to wait until you get motivated to do things, but if you do something you love, you will get motivated from doing it. Love your job, and know your energy, and help other people. When you share, you have to learn. Learning and sharing are related to each other,” said Thaw Thaw.

Teaching Method and Child Psychology, one of the elective courses from PLP, has changed her teaching skills. “I was inspired by Tr. Mark and Joe’s teaching methods. I have adopted the 20/80 teaching approach I have learned from the class, and my teaching style has now developed. I used to talk a lot while teaching. With the new teaching approach, I have now learned how to listen more, speak only 20 percent, and give the 80 percent for my students to talk and discuss,” she added.

Htet Myat Aung, 22 

Htet Myat Aung is currently serving as a volunteer organizer for the English Conversation Club of the University of East Yangon, which he founded when he was studying at the university. While attending the Parami Leadership Program, he is doing his best to assist his team with operating the club.

 “At first, I struggled with splitting my time between study and volunteering work. I tried hard to get used to this situation. I then found solutions and got assistance from technology like Google Calendar, Alarm, To-do list Apps. The only thing I need to be careful of is not to put off things. Putting off is the biggest enemy of time management ever," he explained.

Besides, studying with classmates from different backgrounds at PLP has shaped his leadership skill and broadened his perspective about diversity, according to Htet Myat Aung. “As I am the founder of English Conversation Club, I have to lead my core team to be motivated and actively participate in every role. Every organization has diversity, and they have their perspective. We need to listen and accept their existence and opinions.”

These simple tips and practices from our students—taking advantage of technology, knowing how to manage time well, and having a strong commitment could be useful for those who are working while studying to plan an ideal work-study routine that suits an individual situation.

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