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Academic Glossary is Now just One Click Away

Our first bilingual glossary of education was published by the Parami Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR)  in October 2020. To provide our users with easy and speedy access, Parami has advanced and recently launched an internal site search for an academic glossary on our website.

We are now excited to share a few easy steps on how to use the on-site search to look up higher education terminologies.

Step 1: Go to Parami University Website   

You can go directly to That will navigate you to the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) page, where the glossary section is located. 

Step 2: Enter your Search Terms 

You can type in a term or phrase on the search box in English or Burmese. (For example, to search the term “Continuing Education”, you can use the key word “education.”)

Step 3: Review Your Search Results 

After you have searched, you will receive the matching term both in English and Burmese along with its definition. Click on “Read Full Definition” to view the complete definition in both languages.

You will also see all 206 terms from the academic glossary listed alphabetically at the bottom of the search box. And you can click on the alphabet letter to obtain words or phrases along with their definitions.

This publication comes to fruition through collaborative efforts of researchers from (CEPR) and experts from the National Education Policy Commission (NEPC). The main source of glossary definitions comes from Parami University’s CEPR team. Sources of definitions include educational monographs, anthologies, encyclopedias, handbooks, journal articles, local legislation (from Myanmar), and websites dedicated and relevant to higher education. Occasionally, where definitions are potentially complex or ambiguous, an additional “glossary definition” has been provided.

You can also download the soft-copy of the glossary here:

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