Parami Program Admission


1 Everyone must register for the admission process. There are two cycles per semester.
2 All applicants must sit for a two-hour exam. The exam is simply two English-language essays.
3 Students who pass the exam will be invited for two interviews: one in English, one in Burmese.
4 Of the dozens who apply, only 36 are accepted each year.


Applications for the 6th Cohort of PLP (August 2019 - May 2020) are now open.
Most of our students are accepted through a week-long process
that takes place in Yangon two times each semester.
However, we also offer admissions across the country during recruitment trips (more below).


Registration Opens Registration Closes Entrance Exam Interviews Final Results
May April 01 May 08 May 11 May 13-16 May 17
June June 05 June 08 June 10-13 June 14

We are now offering on-site admissions to students in rural areas.

Each semester, representatives from Parami travel throughout the country to meet with prospective students. We will now be administering exams and interviews during these trips so that students don't have to travel to Yangon.

We're committed to making our program accessible to students across the country. We will announce these exam sites on our Facebook page throughout the year.

For the 6th cohort, we will be visiting the following cities to administer exams and interviews:

  • Loikaw, Kayah State – March 6, Community Youth Centre

  • Taunggyi, Shan State – March 23, Taunggyi Youth Center

  • Meiktila, Mandalay Region – March 25, Baydarlan Education Center

  • Magway, Magway Region – March 27, Opportunity English

  • Mandalay – March 29, Phaung Daw Oo Monastic School (Pre-Collegiate Program)

  • Bago, Bago Region – April 25, Noor Education & Community Centre

  • Hpa-An, Karen State – Late May, (TBA)

  • Mawlamyine, Mon State – May 25, Community's Heart Education Center

The Parami Leadership Program (PLP) is a year-long,
interdisciplinary program for promising recent university graduates in Myanmar.



Registration for the 6th cohort is now open. Click below to register for our Yangon exam dates on May 11 or June 8.



All applicants must sit for the Parami Leadership Program entrance exam. The exam will take on no more than two hours, and simply consist of two essays in English.

The first essay is analytical, which means that students will be asked to answer a question with a thoughtful argument and evidence.

The second essay is personal, and asks students to answer a question about themselves.

Applicants will not know the questions in advance. Essays are graded on thoughtfulness, analysis, structure, and writing mechanics.



Students who pass the exam will be alerted within two days. We will then work with students to schedule in-person interviews. Each student will sit for two, 15-20 minute interviews.

Formal Interview in English

Appicants will have a one-on-one interview in English with the Programs Director or a faculty member.

Informal Interview in Burmese

The applicant will meet in a small group of other applicants to have a group interview in Burmese, facilitated by our staff members.



After interviews are complete, up to 36 students will be offered admissions to PLP. We will work closely with students to complete paperwork for financial aid, housing, and living stipends, if the student requires it.