Parami Institute of
Undergraduate Studies

Parami Institute of Undergraduate Studies will provide four-year bachelor’s degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences. Our green space in Hmawbi, outside of Yangon, will be a fully-residential campus which will house over 600 students each year. Upon graduating, it is our anticipation that the students will receive two degrees: one from Parami and one from Bard College, Parami’s partner institution in the United States and one of the most respected liberal arts and sciences colleges in the country.

Our faculty, who will be internationally-educated Ph.D.-holders from both Myanmar and abroad, will guide students in engaging, discussion-based coursework across a variety of disciplines. Grounded in the hands-on, student-driven pedagogical practices at the core of the American higher education system, our intensive and interdisciplinary curriculum will provide students with the necessary skills to be global leaders, thinkers, and innovators in all sectors.


Student Population


Student-to-Faculty Ratio


Minority Students

To ensure diversity and enrichment in the intellectual community of Parami University, generous scholarships (including full and partial scholarships) will be extended to outstanding students from all walks of life and all states and regions of Myanmar. It is our commitment to waive 35% of our tuition revenue as generous scholarships. In keeping with the university’s commitment to diversity and equity, we will practice a need-based scholarship policy that ensures that admitted students who demonstrate financial need will be given financial assistance through generous scholarships.

The programs within Parami Institute of Undergraduate Studies will begin in the fall of 2022. For further information on admissions and aid, please visit our Admissions and Aids.