Parami Education Program

Parami Education Program introduces a basic foundational set of skills and knowledge to pursue a higher degree in the field of education, for educators and aspiring teachers. Students must complete, at minimum, 21 credit hours in the requirements below to graduate from the program:

Requirement Descriptors Credit Hours
Pedagogy and Educational Psychology (K) 3
Education for Sustainable Development (K) 1.5
STEAM Education (K) 1.5
Leadership and management (S) 1.5
Data management (incl Quantitative reasoning) (S) 1.5
Critical Thinking (S) 3
Social Justice (S) 1.5
Gender (S) 1.5
Diversity (S) 1.5
Communication and collaboration(S) 1.5
Writing (S) 1.5
Innovative thinking and mindsets(S) 1.5

How to Apply ?

The application for Parami programs has two components: 1) the entrance exam (English assessment & analytical essays), and 2) interviews in English. Students must pass the entrance exam in order to be invited for interviews. Applicants to Parami programs will be conducting their admissions tests and interviews virtually.

Course Fee

Aiming to provide more inclusive educational opportunities for students from different regions across Myanmar, Parami offers generous scholarships and financial aids for students who apply to the program. Courses offered in Fall 2021 will be free of charge.

Who Can Apply

We encourage people from all religious, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds to apply to Parami. Our criteria for admission are:
  • Students must be over 18.
  • Students must have an undergraduate degree. Students in self- administered zones or students coming from special ethnic education backgrounds and contexts will also be considered.
  • Students must have upper-intermediate English skills; and ideal candidates will demonstrate intellectual curiosity, community engagement, enthusiasm and commitment for the program.