Parami Institute of
Continuing Education

Parami Institute of Continuing Education seeks to set a new standard for higher education across the country by providing a variety of programs, courses and events to inspire and enhance Myanmar’s young and professional adults.

At the core of our work is the Parami Leadership Program (PLP), an intensive year-long post-graduate academic program in the liberal arts and sciences that selects outstanding students from across the country’s socioeconomic and cultural spectrum to study under our experienced faculty and develop the skills they need to be engaged, globally-minded citizens.

Discussion-based, seminar-style classes in a broad range of subjects encourage thoughtful analysis and expression in our students long after they leave our classroom.

In addition to the Parami Leadership Program, we open up conversations on wider local issues to the public through the Parami Talk Series, a free public lecture event. Working in partnership with other social impact organizations, Parami hosts influential figures to provide them a platform to share their experience and share to the wider public. In addition, Parami offers evening professional courses at our campus as well as a range of interactive ParamiX online classes.