Parami Institute of
Continuing Education

Parami Institute of Continuing Education seeks to set a new standard for higher education by providing a variety of programs, courses, and events to inspire and enhance Myanmar's young and professional adults.

Parami programs are intensive year-long postgraduate academic programs in the liberal arts and sciences. Starting in the Fall semester of 2021, Parami offers three programs: Parami Education Program (PEP) and Parami Social Entrepreneurship Program (PSEP), in addition to the Parami Leadership Program (PLP). In all three programs, students from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds are recruited and selected. The new structure of the programs is designed, with better accessibility and flexibility, to diversify and expand the educational opportunities for young people across the country and border areas. The programs' courses have two descriptors that focus on the skills and knowledge that students will gain from the respective courses offered. Along with the main skills, such as critical thinking, leadership and management, and writing skills, students will gain additional knowledge that is relevant to their respective programs.

Parami's leading program, Parami Leadership Program (PLP), aims to nurture globally-minded citizens and good leaders that have the knowledge and skills to engage and create change in their communities. Students must complete, at minimum, 24 credit hours to graduate from the program.

Parami Education Program (PEP), introduces a basic foundational set of skills and knowledge to pursue a higher degree in education for educators and aspiring teachers. Students must complete, at minimum, 21 credit hours to graduate from the program.

Parami Social Entrepreneurship Program (PSEP), offers the knowledge and tools needed to become responsible and competent social entrepreneurs. Students must complete, at minimum, 21 credit hours to graduate from the program.

Discussion-based, seminar-style classes in a broad range of subjects encourage thoughtful analysis and expression in our students long after they leave our classroom. In our 8-week long modular period, courses are offered the same for both program and independent students. For the students and young professionals who are more interested in taking individual courses, Parami provides a wide range of modular courses to expand their knowledge in a particular subject of their interest to advance their career development.

Both program and modular students will take the same course. Please see the course catalog below:

Program Catalog