About Parami

Myanmar is at an important crossroads. A liberal arts and sciences education that promotes critical thinking and cherishes diversity is needed to guide Myanmar towards a bright future. With this in mind, Parami Initiatives strive to make liberal arts education available to Myanmar youth to prepare them to become the next generation leaders.

In January 2017, we established Parami Institute that educates graduates of Myanmar universities from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. With a strong track record and reputation, Parami Initiatives now plan to open Parami University - a private not-for-profit liberal arts and sciences university in 2022, in partnership with Bard College , a liberal arts and sciences college in New York, USA.

With the vision to create change agents from all walks of life, the university is committed to provide generous full and partial scholarships and stipends to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.


To become an excellent private higher education institution in Myanmar, with a focus on interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences education and a dedication to excellent teaching and research.


To cultivate the future leaders and global citizens of our nation and the world from all walks of life by nurturing critical thinking, inspired leadership, and compassionate service through liberal arts and sciences education.

Parami at a Glance

Since our founding in 2017, we have advocated for change within and around higher education through a variety of initiatives and programs. We aim to provide students and learners from various cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds across the country with essential skills in global citizenship as well as critical thinking. We are committed to bringing transformative and engaging higher education opportunities, and nurturing future leaders and change agents of Myanmar. Parami University will be Myanmar’s first private, non-profit liberal arts and sciences university, modeled after international liberal arts and sciences colleges and universities. As of now, Parami University is organized by two institutes and one center: Parami Institute of Undergraduate Studies, Parami Institute of Continuing Education, and Parami Center of Education Policy Research.

Board of trustees

The Board of Trustees of Parami University is the ultimate governing body of Parami University. The Board will provide strategic oversight over the university. The Board will have fiduciary responsibilities to ensure the school’s mission, objectives, and services.