An Initiative To Cultivate Critical Thinking, Inspired Leadership, and Compassionate Service

With the vision to create powerful agents of change from all walks of life, a group of young Myanmar professionals with experience in liberal education is planning to establish a private, not-for-profit four-year residential university in Myanmar.

Myanmar needs new generational of critical thinkers and exemplary leaders, who can communicate effectively, act responsibly, and make positive impacts. Education is the key to cultivating these future leaders.

Since 2003, the Pre-Collegiate Program of Yangon (PCP) has been providing liberal education to Myanmar high school graduates. Through intensive discussion-based interdisciplinary learning and volunteering, PCP has cultivated critical thinking and civic engagement in generations of youth. Many graduates currently hold leadership positions in the private and public sectors in Myanmar after further pursuing university education abroad.

Expanding the mission of PCP, a group of these graduates is now seeking to establish a liberal arts and sciences university in Myanmar to provide a home-grown international standard liberal education that is accessible to accomplished Myanmar youths from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

why liberal arts and sciences?

A World Class Education Right At Home

Waves of Myanmar youth have left the country to pursue better education abroad over the past decades due to the lack of high quality education opportunities. This exodus has created a vacuum of talent in Myanmar. Furthermore, millions of dollars in tuition revenues that might have supported the development of Myanmar are being spent overseas.

Stopping "Brain Drain"

We believe that creating opportunities for our youth to pursue is the most effective means in ameliorating the brain drain. Deep cultural understanding will be critical in tackling the challenges that Myanmar is facing now. We aim to provide better education opportunities to our bright high school graduates in the country but also transform them into global citizens equipped to take on the global challenges.

Education Initiative For The Future

With Myanmar opening up, there have been many education initiatives in both private and public sectors. There are now several vocational institutions and many new professional schools offering business, management, and medicine degrees. There are high hopes for rejuvenating public universities that will provide focused studies in specific subject areas. What is lacking, however, is an institution signed to provide a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences.

Benefits Of Liberal Arts And Sciences

The complex and dynamic nature of the modern workplace demands important skills such as critical thinking, interdisciplinary analysis, and articulate communication. Liberal education nurtures students to become well-rounded individuals empowered with these skills by adopting a critical approach and interdisciplinary learning in the fields of sciences, social sciences, the arts, and humanities.