Parami University

We are now mobilizing resources to establish Parami University of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a private not-for-profit four-year residential university in Myanmar.

600 Student Body

from all states, regions, and diverse ethnic groups

Student-to-Faculty Ratio


70% of Students

Full and Partial Scholarships

Parami University initially aims to maintain a body of 600 students, with 150-160 students being admitted in each of the first four cohorts.

In the spirit of the liberal arts and sciences mission of the university, students will take courses in the physical, biological, and social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. All students in their first and second years will be required to follow a common curriculum designed to blurter their critical thinking and reasoning, after which they will specialize.

Finally, it will be of paramount importance to us that we create a dynamic campus environment that reflects the wonderful diversity of our nation. It will be our active pursuit to recruit an economically and ethnically diverse student body by offering full and partial scholarships for candidates with financial need.