Our Story

Youth are the critical building blocks for the development of any nation. Education is fundamental in nurturing this future generation to become responsible citizens and dedicated leaders. Sustainable development can be achieved only through an education system that not only teaches technical skills but also raises the intellectual caliber of the population. Unfortunately, the majority of our youth, especially from the ethnic regions, have difficulty accessing quality education.

Certified Teachers


Our vision is to create powerful change agents from all walks of life. The Parami Institute aims to transform our youth into effective leaders and responsible citizens through liberal education


To cultivate the future leaders of our nation and world by nurturing critical thinking, inspired leadership, and compassionate service, and by fostering rigor, clarity, understanding, generosity and grace in all our work and communication.

“Nurturing critical thinking, inspired leadership and compassionate service.

Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Who We Are

Parami’s story goes all the way back to 2003. Three visionary educators established a private not-for-profit school called the Pre-Collegiate Program (PCP), with the mission to cultivate change agents.

The school provides liberal education to outstanding students, and instills in them a sense of social responsibility. The graduates of the school went on to study abroad to receive world-class education. The majority of them come back to Myanmar to work for the development of the nation.

Extending the mission of PCP, we the PCP alumni with experience in liberal education formed Parami University Founding Committee in March 2016 and are now mobilizing resources to establish Parami University of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a private not-for-profit four-year residential university in Myanmar.

What We Do

Target Students: High school graduates who want to not only specialize in a subject area but also broaden their mind through interdisciplinary learning in physical, biological, social sciences, as well as in arts and humanities.

Feature Diversity and Financial Aid: Parami will seek to recruit a financially and ethnically diverse student body of approximately 600 students with 33% of university income revenue being waived as full and partial scholarships.

Unique Curriculum: Students in their first and second years will follow a common curriculum designed to nurture their critical thinking and reasoning in the context of Myanmar values and culture, after which they will specialize.

Modern Learning Experience: Modern educational technology will be used to combine some of the world’s best teachers (through resources such as massive open online courses, MOOCs) with Parami teachers who will guide students individually as in-class facilitators.

Parami University Founding Committee

The development of Parami University is spearheaded by the Parami University Founding Committee: a group of like-minded Pre-Collegitate Program alumni and graduates of liberal arts and science universities.


Kyaw Moe Tun

Executive Director

Win Yu

Director of Strategy and Development

Myat Su San

Director of Communications

Helen L. Waller

Director of Academic Planning

Su Wai Yee

Director of Organizational Development

Kyle D. Anderson

Director of External Relations

Daren Myo Paing

Director of Strategic Planning


Such a monumental project requires inputs and supports from many individuals and community members. Our strategy thus is to mobilize interests and commitments among the local and international stakeholders to the cause of developing a home-grown liberal arts and sciences university. Towards this end, we believe that achieving the following milestones are essential as part of our research and development phase.

Completed Milestones

Establishing Advisory Board

Our advisory board is comprised of highly experienced and influential intellectuals who provide expertise and guidance for the development of the University. Our current advisors include:

  • Dr. Sean Turnell – Economic advisor to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and professor of Economics at Macquarie University, Australia
  • Dwight Clark – Ex-Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University and Founder of Volunteers in Asia (VIA)
  • Dr. Tin Hlaing – Writer and Retired Physics professor of Yangon University
  • Vicky Bowman – Director of Myanmar Center for Responsible Business
  • Dr. Michael Marett-Crosby – Trustee of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Trust for Health and Education
  • U Nay Oke – Successful English Education Entrepreneur
  • Rose Swe – Co-Founder of Mango Group


Securing Endorsements

  • Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell
  • John Roush, President of Centre College
  • Chenault Spence, President of Cetana Education Foundation
  • Leon Botstein, President of Bard College

Establishing 501(c)3 Status

Parami Initiative is now recognized as one of the beneficiary bodies of Myanmar Foundation for Analytic Education, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Founding Parami Institute

Parami Institute has been established to execute activities to promote liberal education, such as providing liberal education courses, seminars, and talks, and to bring in support for our eventual establishment of Parami University.