Parami Institute’s ultimate aim is to establish a private not-for-profit residential liberal arts and sciences university, modeled on Bard College’s academic programs. The immediate near-term goal is to start as a non-residential Bachelor degree program by 2020. Parami University will slowly increase the number of majors and grow the size of its campus to provide a world-class liberal arts and sciences
learning environment.

Academic Structure

Students will take courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. First and second year students will follow a common curriculum designed to provide a broad, interdisciplinary education. In their third year, students will participate in a foreign exchange program and declare their major(s). In their final year, students will pursue a thesis project and complete their studies. Graduates will receive dual Bachelor degrees from Bard College and Parami University.

Faculty Recruitment

Bard College and Centre College—highly respected liberal arts and sciences institutions in the United States—will assist in the recruitment of faculty members. In its initial phase, Parami University will recruit four full-time members with Ph.D.s from international universities. New instructors will be added each year until the faculty size reaches ten. These faculty members will form the core of three interdisciplinary majors—politics, philosophy and economics (PPE); urban and environmental studies (UES); and computational and statistical studies (CSS).

Student Body

Parami University’s campus will be a dynamic environment that reflects the economic and ethnic diversity of Myanmar. As part of its commitment to creating change agents from all walks of life, the university will waive more than 50% of the tuition revenue to provide
full and partial scholarships to students that demonstrate financial need.