Meet Our First Cohort of Alumni

Congratulations to our first plp graduates

“Our First Cohort Graduation Ceremony was successfully held at Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Many honorable guests including our guest speaker  Saya U Nay Oke, Education Entrepreneur came to honor and celebrated our 16 PLP graduates.

Voices from some of our alumni

1st cohort alumni – siang


Field Instructor at a U.S. Comapny
"This four-month program inspired me to become a lifelong learner. It motivated me to know things that I used to ignore before. The most important thing is that it built my confidence so that I am ready to face my new chapter in life. And I will always be proud of myself for being a graduate of Parami."
1st cohort alumni – phyo zaw

Phyo Zaw

Auditor at Yoma Bank
"The most important skill that Parami has taught me is interdisciplinary analysis. I now have the ability to view and analyse the issues from different perspectives and angles. I can apply these skills which I learned from Parami in my work place. Furthermore, I will utilize them whenever necessary in my lifelong pursuit of knowledge."
1st cohort alumni – sai k

Sai K

Auditor at Yoma Bank
"Parami taught me and other students to be responsible citizens of the country, in terms of not being ignorant of the world and its issues that are happening. Skills like critical thinking can be used in further researches, no matter what we would do in the future."
1st cohort alumni – than toe aung

Than Toe Aung

Research Assistant with Timothy Simonson Ph.D. Candidate, SOAS
"The most important thing I learned at Parami is science. Coming from a background of political science, there are a lot of things that are best explained by science which I can relate back to my own field of study. Studying science and evolution theory helps me understand about politics so much better."
1st cohort alumni – kyi nu san

Kyi Nu San

Relationship Manage at CB Bank
"I chose Parami because I was certain that this institute would help my future studies and my career. Moreover, the teaching style is special and better than the other institutes in Yangon and I really like that."
1st cohort alumni – lawoon yan

Lawoon Yan

Junior Investment Analyst at Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs-Myanmar
"The most important thing I have learnt at Parami is finding the solution of a problem in many different ways through different perspectives and angles."
1st cohort alumni – sumyat

Su Myat Moe

Development Office at Parami Institute
"I have learned that I should never stop learning. I should always be ready to learn new things that I come across in life. I should never set boundaries for any kind of knowledge."
1st cohort alumni – nay wyne aung

Nay Wyne Aung

Director at Pauk Kan Trading Co., Ltd.
"Parami taught me how to articulate well, how to present my ideas in a more structured manner, and how to give constructive criticism. Parami is the best place to learn interdisciplinary analysis and liberal arts education without going abroad."
1st cohort alumni – arkar

Htet Arkar Kyaw

Project Manager at Kyaw Imperial Enterprise | Business Development Manager at Shwe Pwint Hlwar Gold and Jewelry
"Life is a journey of learning. I believe that the skills I have learned from Parami will support me in my future of lifelong learning. The most important thing I have learned at Parami is a combination of reading, writing and critical thinking skills."
1st cohort alumni – chan mg aye

Chan Maung Aye

School Coordinator Assistant at The Khayay School
"The great lesson I have learned is we must push the limits of ourselves to improve further. I will directly use the skills I have learned by working at an organization such as UNDP."
01 – may thant cyn

May Thant Cyn

Parliamentarian Assistant of Daw Thet Thet Khine, Parliamentarian
"I learned that it is as hard as it is important to listen. Accepting when others have different opinions from you is also a valuable lesson. I chose Parami to experience what the liberal arts are like."

Impact on our alumni

Leadership and Liberal Education Skills

Parami Institute has conducted pre-program and post-program evaluations of first cohort of students’ critical thinking and articulate communication skills. The figures below witness our students’ improvement.

Pre-Program Evaluation

Post-Program Evaluation

Critical Thinking



Articulate Communication




All our alumni looking for jobs have gained job placements right after graduation and are now working in various local and international companies while other graduates are furthering their studies in undergraduate and graduate schools.

We are also very pleased to see our graduates earning, on average, at least 1.5 times more than the average monthly salary of K480,000 earned by those in mid-level management in Myanmar, as stated in The Myanmar Times (July 7, 2017).

Congratulations again to our First Cohort of Alumni on their journeys to create impactful changes in Myanmar.